Back from a week of beach, picnics and just good old fun. The flavour of the week was gratitude and I felt it in multitudes.

There is joy in both big and little things. The small things are the things that can be so easily overlooked or taken for granted if we’re too concerned with the big picture.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been told ‘one day at a time’ or ‘you only have today – today is all that you can change’. And I know its true – cliche but true – and yet I still allow myself to forget. But little reminders continue to come – through a friend, through a moment, through an act.

Charlie and I have been given many gifts in life – friendships, faith, careers, practical help, fertility, family, freedom – and too many others to list. But without that constant reflection its easy to get lost in daily challenges or future worries.

I have to pause, reflect and – everytime – a wealth of gratitude. No life is summed up by one event, one experience, one friend, one week, one year – one anything.

Life is a beautiful messy tapestry. It makes not much sense until you turn it around and look at the picture on the other side. (See ‘Life is but a weaving’ – Corrie ten Boom)

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