My dearest friend in the whole world lost her precious daughter 3 days ago. She was 37 weeks pregnant. The grief that overwhelms you at the loss of a child is something everyone attempts to imagine; but no one can fathom.

How do we come to terms with loss of such innocence in our lives? We find comfort in the fact that she gave her life. My friend knew there was a chance she might lose her little one, and yet she did everything a mother could possibly do to bring this little girl into the world. She did something that most people do not – she persevered even though her child had been diagnosed with Trisomy 18 early on. She held on until the end to give her little one a chance. She and her husband loved her ferociously, and in return, that little babies soul will rejoice in heaven with the angels.

My friend offered for her baby the ultimate sacrifice.  A complete and total act of love in sacrificing her body, her mind and her heart. That is a true act of strength and bravery. Try as I might, I’ll never really know what my friend went and is going through.

As mothers we do everything we can to bring our children into this world and raise them so that, whenever they may leave it, they reach the ultimate goal of heaven. If you do that, like my friend has, you have fulfilled your vocation. I am so proud of her. My beautiful friend will carry her little girl in her heart with a loving ache for the rest of her life, and she will tell you – a soul to love is better than no soul at all.

We love you Juliette.

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